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10 Pantry Ingredients
= 12 Cleaning Products

  • Use common ingredients you probably already have on hand to make 12 different cleaning products for your home.
  • Making your own cleaning supplies will save you money. (Plus, the best part is that you'll never need to run out to the store to buy them!)
  • Each recipe takes 10 minutes (or less) to make... because as busy mommies we barely have time TO clean, much less to make cleaning supplies! 

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I'm Kati, the founder of I help busy, over-exhausted moms, maximize their money so they can pay off debt and take fun family vacations without feeling guilty (or using credit cards).

Using super small tweaks (like making our own cleaners instead of buying them), in three years my husband and I were able to pay off over $15,000 of consumer debt despite being a homeschool family living on one income. 


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