This FREE Monthly Money Goals Sheet will help you focus on what it takes to accomplish your money goals this year.

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This FREE Monthly Money Goals Sheet will help you: 

  • Break down your goals so you don't feel overwhelmed and accomplish more this year.
  • Make sure your most important money goals are front and center so that you (actually) achieve them.
  • Record your progress with the built-in habit tracker so you see your success happening immediately.

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I'm Kati, I run I help busy, over-exhausted moms, maximize their money so they can pay off debt and take fun family vacations without feeling guilty (or using credit cards).

In three years my husband and I were able to pay off over $15,000 of consumer debt despite being a homeschool family living on one income. 

I've learned over the years that setting a goal (and keeping it front & center so you pay attention to it) is key to accomplishing money goals.


Don't let another minute pass without having a simple way to focus on your money goals so that they are easier to achieve.

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