The fastest way to save at least $500 over the next month in 30 minutes' time (or less).

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It's the fastest way to build your savings, find passive ways to earn money and figure out how to stop overspending for only $47 (that's $100 off)... EVEN IF you think you have no extra money and WITHOUT selling anything.

And GET THIS: Most participants in my Jumpstart Your Savings program add $500 (or more) to their savings account in a month (or sooner!).

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"This was quite an experience! I had a goal of $500. When I saw the title of Exercise #1, I expected it to be auto-deposit part of your paycheck into savings. It wasn't, but I decided to do that too! :)  

Even omitting the auto-deductions, I had a total of $622.82. But counting that extra savings, my total was 1,127.57! Obviously, I won't be asking for a refund on this course. Lol."  

~Tammie K. JumpStart Your Savings Customer  

Included in the Jumpstart Your Savings Program you'll get...

  • A time-tested and proven system to build your savings account in just 15-30 minutes per week.
  • 10 Savings-building exercises tested by more than 750 unique users with glowing success.
  • 3 Game-changer solutions to help you build your savings without having to sell your stuff at a yard sale. 
  • 7 Worksheets to spark your energy and keep you on track.
  • Scripts to follow as you complete the exercises so you can simply copy and go (requiring less brain power on your part to complete them).
  • Weekly motivational email check-ins to mentor you with examples of how this works in real life.
  • Rock-solid inspiration to ensure you build your savings account with success, without feeling deprived.

The bottom line: This program has proven principles and strategies that work. Broken down into easy step-by-step exercises to help you add approximately $500 to your savings account in less than 30 days' time.

No guesswork. Just follow the plan. And weekly I'll show you exactly which 3 exercises to work on and how they played out in real life for me. (So you can follow along with a real-life example to copy and take action without feeling overwhelmed or not knowing what to do next.)

"Kati, I’m so thankful for the Jumpstart Program! We just had to replace our A/C unit and your savings tips helped us save nearly $1700 in just one month!  

I am already a very cost-conscious spender so I wasn’t sure it would really help, but boy, was I wrong!  

If anyone is reluctant about spending the money on this program, I’m here to tell them you are wasting money by NOT signing up! It more than paid for itself in just the first week and the tips I learned will help us to continue to save even more every month! Just do it and see for yourself!"  

~Alexa M. JumpStart Your Savings Customer 



Whether you are saving up for a Disney vacation or saving towards a downpayment on a house, these trackers will help you break down your goal into more manageable pieces so you accomplish it in less time.

All you have to do is take your end goal and divide it by the number of sections listed at the bottom of each page. Then start saving! As you color in each section, you'll watch your bank account grow too. Easy Peasy!

Take advantage of our Jumpstart Your Savings offer for the fastest way to build your savings, find passive ways to earn money and figure out how to stop overspending for only $47... EVEN IF you think you have no extra money and WITHOUT selling anything.

"Hello! I found out about you through my friend on Facebook. I decided to enroll in your JumpStart Your Savings program and I am PUMPED after my first hour's work today!  

We are hoping to buy our first house and I wanted to really get serious about my spending and saving. This morning I found, get this, just over $300! I am thrilled!! Wanted to share our excitement with you."  

~ Lauren L.
JumpStart Your Savings Customer 

... and the best part?


Try the program out for a full 30 days...

If you don't get actual results you can see, or if you don't feel the Jumpstart Your Savings program made building your savings easier than anything could, or if you're not happy for any other reason at all...

Simply shoot us an email at and you'll get every penny back.

We won't even ask you why.

The complete step-by-step system -- strategies, video trainings, checklists, action plans, and calendar -- broken down to ensure you grow your savings account by $500 (or more!) over the next 30 days.


How much time will this take each week?

Only about 15-30 minutes. I’m sure you’ll get faster at it as each week goes by.

Does my month start today or can I wait to start it next month?

This program starts as soon as you hit, “Go”. Once you start reading, you'll find a big pink button on the introduction page that you'll want to click when you are ready to actually "start" your month. I’ll walk you through the month, step by step! After the month is over, you can click that big pink button any time you want to start the program again in the future. I usually do this program twice per year to reset finances and have a little more set aside for holiday spending.

Can I find this information for free elsewhere? 

Mayyyybe? But it won’t be in this specific order, and definitely not with this level of support to ensure your success! Because of the way I've put this program together, you won't waste time trying to figure out what you should do, and what order to do it (which is honestly worth a whole lot more than $47, don’t you think?).

You'll also continue to save after 30 days are over. This is the simplest path to build your savings account, FAST.

Will I still get to go to Target and Starbucks?

The short answer is "yes". But the full answer is that you might decide to shop and sip differently after going through this program. You're going to learn certain mindset shifts that will help you identify how you really want to spend your money. So, you’ll reach the goals you set for yourself and feel even better than you do when you sip your perfectly frothed latte while you walk through Target.

Will I need to have a yard sale to sell stuff to meet my goal? 

Nope! While having a yard sale is a quick way to get cash, I hate them, so I figured out ways to add over $500 in 30 days to your savings account without having a yard sale. This program gives you practical solutions to put money in your savings account without ever having to sell one single item.

Do you have a money back guarantee?

Yes! We have a 30 Day 100% money back guarantee.

This is a totally different money-saving method than you've done before. {Guaranteed.}