What if you could add $500(!!) to your bank account this month, WITHOUT selling anything?!! 

This exclusive program will help you find hidden money and add it to your bank account so that you can take your kids on a mini vacation.

When you think of adding to your savings account...  

Does the thought of "automatic payroll deduct" make you want to gag? "Just pay yourself first" the experts say... yeah, sure (then you need it again).  

Do you feel like your income is good on paper, so you "should" have plenty, but each and every month things get tight? 

I hear you.

And friend, I can help.

Many busy one-income families understand the importance of having a savings account ready for emergencies - but there is a huge problem.

The problem is... building a savings account can be downright frustrating. Oh I KNOW you have best intentions of setting aside your tax refund. But. Life. Happens. Between the kids needing new shoes (who grows TWO FULL shoe sizes in ONE summer?!!) and the washer flooding the laundry room, and the car battery not starting... 

It's almost impossible to live life AND add to your savings account.

There's a reason 99% of Americans are living paycheck to paycheck and have no savings.


FACT: You CAN add $500 to your bank account, even though you have no extra money and you're living paycheck to paycheck, (without having a yard sale or selling anything for that matter). 

(I know this sounds impossible. Stick with me for a sec...) 

Because I am living proof. Plus, I've helped over 1,000 busy moms do it.  

And I can help you too.

I'm going to show you exactly where to find money that has been hiding right in front of your face. Then, how to save money on things you're already buying to pay for the things you need.

Get ready to sit back and relax while your bank account grows automatically without depriving you of your Starbucks coffee!

Growing Your Bank Account Does NOT Have To Be Frustrating

That's why I'm offering you instant access to JumpStart Your Savings - the savings-building program with motivating accountablity system to help you be successful PLUS extra bonuses to help you save even more worth $111... 



"This was quite an experience! I had a goal of $500. When I saw the title of Exercise #1, I expected it to be auto-deposit part of your paycheck into savings. It wasn't, but I decided to do that too! :)  

Even omitting the auto-deductions, I had a total of $622.82. But counting that extra savings, my total was 1,127.57! Obviously, I won't be asking for a refund on this course. Lol."  

~Tammie K. JumpStart Your Savings Customer  

Imagine seeing you have a flat tire and knowing it's probably going to cost another $400 to get it fixed... but you are not worried because you already have plenty of backup savings (so it won't interfere with your normal daily spending).

How would life feel if you had a cushion in your checking account so that you never paid another overdraft fee again?

What if you finally were able to set aside extra so that you could take your family on vacation (to Disney World!!). 

How would your family life be different if you could:

  • CONFIDENTLY know where to quickly find money when you needed it most... because you have several quick places to look.  
  • Know EXACTLY what to do when an unexpected emergency pops up so you don't wipe out your savings.  
  • EASILY continue to save long after the month is over because you set up a strong foundation for the future.  
  • Stop wasting your PRECIOUS time setting up a budget just to have it fail after the first week because it's too frustrating to keep up with.  
  • No more hoping and praying that you won't miss a bill because you finally have a powerful (yet simple) system to add cash to your bank account (without needing to have a yard sale!).  
  • Be able to drink Starbucks or going on a playdate without the guilt of knowing you shouldn't spend money on it.  
  • You may have been struggling with juggling credit cards to make up for the difference in your monthly money and worrying that you will overdraw your account... until now.


You feel like you've tried everything, and you just can't get your savings to stay full.

Or maybe you've tried to use an app that automatically deducts money out of your checking and puts it into savings but then you just have to transfer it back almost immediately.

You feel like you just continue to fail at keeping your savings account filled, so it's easier to take the kids to the play area at Chick-fil-A and sit down for a moment to Just. Breathe.

You don't have any more time OR money to waste on attempting to duct tape together strategies you hear the "experts" talk about that probably only work for families who have two incomes and can be found for free on Pinterest anyway.

"Kati, I’m so thankful for the Jumpstart Program! We just had to replace our A/C unit and your savings tips helped us save nearly $1700 in just one month!  

I am already a very cost-conscious spender so I wasn’t sure it would really help, but boy, was I wrong!  

If anyone is reluctant about spending the money on this program, I’m here to tell them you are wasting money by NOT signing up! It more than paid for itself in just the first week and the tips I learned will help us to continue to save even more every month! Just do it and see for yourself!"  

~Alexa M. JumpStart Your Savings Customer 


Unlike the other "gurus" who only show you one tiny piece of what's working for them, I'm giving you my EXACT step-by-step plan that works WITH your daily spending so you can sock money away for real.

You WILL NOT do these things when you JumpStart Your Savings:  

  • You will NOT create a budget. (There will be no complex math calculations.)  
  • You will NOT meal plan. (In fact, I am assuming you're gonna eat out... and that's okay.)
  • You will NOT use cash envelopes. (This program is super simple, we aren't going to withdraw cash every week and trying to spend less than what's in your envelope... Please see bullet number 1 about not creating a budget.)  
  • You will NOT have to stop going to Starbucks. (Seriously? On some days, Starbucks might be the only reason my kids are alive. I cannot take that away from you AND expect you to think. Instead I'll show you how to get Starbucks for 60% off. You will still save a TON of money. I promise.)

You deserve to have a successful financial life with less stress and an actual lifestyle that includes living (and going out to eat).

Never again question if you're going to have enough.


  • A busy mom who has littles at home and would rather get a root canal than have to hold a yard sale for extra money this month.  
  • Living on one income so things are already "tight" to begin with.  
  • Wanting to go on vacation without putting it on a credit card.  


  • My EXACT strategy broken down step-by-step so you can follow along each week and stay motivated so you don't quit and actually ADD $500 to your savings before next month starts.  
  • Easily determine where to get extra money to put in savings when it feels like you're barely scraping by right now.  
  • Never feel deprived even though you are adding money to your savings account regularly now AND you get to actually live (aka have fun with your kids).  
  • How to increase your willpower and (actually) change your current spending. {it's deceivingly simple}  
  • An easy-to-follow blueprint to help you look at your current spending and find hidden money to add to your savings account. No guesswork. No analyzing bank statements for the past year.  
  • Quick video trainings, checklists, action plans & a simple calendar to ensure you grow your savings by $500 (or more!!) in the next 30 days.

"Hello! I found out about you through my friend "Penny Steward Mama" on Facebook. I decided to enroll in your JumpStart Your Savings challenge and I am PUMPED after my first hour's work today! 

We are hoping to buy our first house and I wanted to really get serious about my spending and saving. This morning I found $40 cash, a bit of change and then, get this, just over $300! I am thrilled!! Wanted to share our excitement with you."  

Lauren L. JumpStart Your Savings Customer 


  • I don't just teach the JumpStart; I do it twice a year with my family. This is the EXACT strategy I use in my personal finances that helps us add extra money to our bank account when we need a quick boost, but don't want to do a spending freeze (or have a yard sale). I'll walk you through the details for two times when I added $576 and $610 to our accounts in less than 30 days. 
  • I'm not JUST a personal finance coach, I'm also an accountant. Yep, #iloveexcel. I am good at analyzing, tweaking and simplifying. I was a crazy coupon lady for several years and taught thousands of people how to save tons. My students and followers rave about how I'm able to take complex processes and break them down into the simplest form so that it can be easily duplicated.  
  • I've helped busy moms save thousands of dollars since 2010. For Then, every Sunday morning for 6 years I shared my money-saving knowledge on two Fox TV segments. My unique savings techniques have been featured on The Huffington Post, Yahoo Finance, The Washington Post, Clarke Howard, countless TV stations and I'm currently a guest on a weekly radio show.  
  • Teaching is my passion. We are a homeschool family of 6 and I love teaching. I've taught over 600 live in-person workshops, with approximately 100 people in attendance for each (my largest had over 1,200! YIKES.). I can't help but share my excitement when YOU are successful with my same strategies. #successisaddicting  
  • I'm living proof. The strategies you'll learn in this program were pivotal in helping my family pay off over $15,000 in debt in 3 years (living on one income).  

These JumpStart participants thought they had no money to put into savings:

  • Heike added $1,036 to her savings account in less than 30 days after thinking she had NO extra money for savings. She was beyond thrilled!  
  • Emma sent me a message on Facebook and said "Okay Kati, I'm impressed! I just started, haven't even finished Task #2 and I've found $121.21 😳 Then, a few days later, she sent me this message: "Wanted to let you know 😁I'm over $400."  
  • Breanne thought she had no money to set aside for savings at all when she began the JumpStart. She ended up increasing her savings account by $733 in only 3 weeks. But the best part is that the JumpStart made her excited to do even more saving the very next month.  

Day one down and success already! I contacted our bank and they have a program that pays $5 for every online auto-bill paid. Who knew?! Committed to five bills -- $25 savings per month -- $300 per year!! THANK YOU MISS KATI!!!! Tomorrow I will tackle the apps you mentioned."

~ Connie B. JumpStart Your Savings Customer 

Hey Friend! I'm Kati.

I can help you maximize your money using simple and easy-to-implement strategies so that you can have more moolah for fun things (like Disney World) with your kids.

When my daughter was about to start kindergarten I stepped away from my accounting career to be a stay-at-home mommy. The 2009 recession hit my family HARD so I had to learn how to use my math brain to shop with strategy and save money... and then manage it all in less time than it takes to make pancakes for breakfast in the morning.

I love helping others manage their money to successfully pay off debt and go on crazy fun vacations.

Please know that adding real money to YOUR savings account is only steps away...

Here's What You'll Get When You Purchase Today: 

You'll receive INSTANT access to the JumpStart Your Savings Program ($74 Value)

How will you get access to the program?  

Immediately after purchasing, you'll receive an email with a private link to download and begin the program as well as a separate email to access the membership program. You know what that means? You could be starting this system 5 minutes from now. 

You'll also receive these BONUSES for FREE ($37 Value):  

BONUS #1: True Spending Freeze ($20 Value)

Do you feel like your spending is out of control? Like you don’t really know where your money is going, but when the next months starts, you kinda feel like you don’t have anything to show for it.  

Then a spending freeze is just what you need. A financial reset.  

With 30 days of guided activities to stay busy so you spend less and when the month is over you'll have a new appreciation for all you have. This bonus is a game changer, especially if you have children.

BONUS #2: A Year Of Saving - 12 Months Of Family-Centered Money Saving Challenges ($10 Value)  

Want to get the whole family on board with saving money? Then this book is for you. In a super simple format that gives you a year of ideas to follow along and have the whole family participate in the savings process.  

Plus, each challenge has an estimated savings amount for you. And if you stick with it for the WHOLE year, which my kids have all decided should be really simple to do, I estimated that you'll EASILY add over $700 to your savings account over the course of the year. How fun is that?!!  

Oh, real quick, I'm assuming you already know about the other common money-saving challenges that circulate this time of year, such as the "penny challenge" and "52-week challenge" so I didn't include them in this book.

BONUS #3: Before You Buy: Decision Making Guide ($7 Value)  

Do you get "analysis paralysis" when you consider making a large purchase?  

This quick-to-consume guide will make it a breeze to work through the purchasing process in order to reduce your spending.  

Especially helpful to teach your children how to make good purchasing decisions. 


What's standing in the way of you finally having a savings account so that you don't live in fear and worry about unexpected emergencies popping up. Isn't it your time? 

I know that a savings account, even a small one with only $500 inside it, will help you sleep better at night and becomes the very first teeny tiny step that sets you on the path to more financial success (like getting out of debt, for good).

When you are able to consistently add to your savings account, ALL of a sudden you are not scared to really LIVE. You are not afraid of the nail in the tire. And then it gets even BETTER, because once you see that small goal achieved (and FINALLY keeping the money in your account) then you start to accomplish your bigger financial goals, like paying off debt. And your eyes open to the potential you have to be SO much more.

When you click the "Yes! I want this!" button below, you'll be brought to a checkout page where you can enter in your payment information directly. 

This is a special offer and will be going up in price soon. You don't want to miss this opportunity.

JumpStart Your Savings comes with a GOLDEN RULE guarantee trifecta!

First, if you do not like my improper grammar (I write like I talk, so I say wanna, gotta and gonna...), I will be happy to refund your money.

Second, if you get inside and do not think this is the most simple way to add to your savings and you're not SUPER excited, I will be happy to refund your money.

Third, if you don't see how you finally have the power to find money super quickly when an unexpected bill pops up in the future, I will be happy to refund your money.

Whatever the reason may be, if you are not getting SO STINKING BLOWN AWAY by the awesomeness I provided in JumpStart Your Savings and you let me know within 90 days, I will be happy to refund your money... no questions asked!

That's the way I'd want to be treated, so I have a guarantee to support it.


What's included with the JumpStart Your Savings Program?  

The JumpStart Your Savings Program is designed to lead you, step-by-step, through the specific steps you need to add money to your bank account--everything from finding hidden money to saving money on things you're already buying and automating your savings (without using payroll deduct).  

I know that when it comes to building your savings, often the hardest step is the first one. That’s why this 10-exercise program with weekly motivational videos is designed to help you take action quickly and create quick wins that will build massive momentum, and also includes a practical workbook that is designed to apply the lessons you are learning and help you take real action.  

How much time will this take each week?  

This program is designed to seamlessly work along with your normal busy mommy schedule. It should take you between 15-30 minutes each week.  

Plus, each exercise has the estimated time it'll take to complete it, so you have the flexibility to choose what to work on depending on the time you have available.  

Will I need to have a yard sale to sell stuff to meet the $500 goal?  

Nope! While having a yard sale is a quick way to get cash, I love shopping at them, but I hate having them, so I figured out ways to add over $500 in 30 days to our savings account without having a yard sale or selling a single item.  

Will I still get to go to Target & Starbucks?  

The short answer is "yes" but the full answer is that you might decide to shop differently after going through this program.  

You're going to learn certain mindset shifts that will help you identify how you really want to spend your money so that you can reach your savings goals this month and continue to do so in the future.  

Does my month (30 days) start today, or can I wait to start it later?  

This program can be accessed immediately (in case you're excited to take a quick peek) and then there is a giant magic button that you'll click when you're ready to start the month and have me guide you along weekly.  

After the month is over, you can click that button any time you want to start the program in the future. I suggest going through the program twice a year to reset your finances and have extra money for Christmas.  

If I buy the program today will I get any future updates?  

Yep! And believe it or not... you'll get future updates forever!  

Products always improve with time and that means the price goes up. 

How soon will I receive my product(s)?  

(Almost) immediately! The JumpStart Your Savings Program will be delivered digitally, via the email address you provide at checkout (nothing is mailed). It should arrive within 5-10 minutes of your purchase.  

You will receive an automatic email whenever this product is updated in the future and you can download everything from inside your account at any time (in case you switch computers later).  

Is this a one time fee or are there any additional recurring fees?  

I know that this program sounds so good that it can't possibly only cost $37 one time... But it IS true.  

There are no recurring charges and you will only be charged $37 once. 

What if I decide this isn't for me?  

I actually want you to try JumpStart Your Savings at my risk.  

Because I know it works but you don't... yet!  

If you aren't 100% satisfied, and I mean even 1% unhappy, I want you to ask for a refund. I mean it, I don't want your money.  

I value our relationship and my reputation more than $37 bucks. So please, try the JumpStart Your Savings Program for 90 days (even though you will get everything in the program instantly, I am giving you 90 days to be completely sure and utterly satisfied).  

So go ahead, buy now - you have plenty of time to go through everything and decide if this is the right fit for you. You'll never know unless you take a chance and invest in yourself.  

Why is this discounted so much? Is it really junk?  

Well, I'm not gonna lie. My super deceptive overall plan is for you to dig in, quickly add more money to your savings than you EVER IMAGINED (80% of my students are shocked to find over $100 the very first WEEK), and then come back to buy my other products to help you with other areas of your finances... {insert evil villain laugh}

You need more money for your family to flourish and thrive. 

Don't let it slip through your fingers without adding to your savings account for one more day.